Wilderness Painting - Bushcraft - Adventure

Painting is one of the best ways I have found to express myself
and to explore the world within and around us.

Influenced by observations and thoughts as well as words of great people,
I create Inspirational Paintings...

Images that will enrich my life by provoking questions & self reflection,
in other words, Art that aims to elevate the Spirit,
Paintings that make me and hopefully others Think…

By using simple deserted landscapes
combined with dramatic skies to set a tone or mood,
the Artwork delivers a symbolic message...

A message that embodies and symbolizes
a particular human value, a feeling or Spirit;
to enhance, illuminate and to better understand...
What is Best or Worse in Them.

-       n        a        g        u        a        l        e        r        o         -


Halti tents

dd hammocks


sasta clothing

bushcraft essentials

Mini Laavu pro by Halti ( Baker style tent ) -

Canvas Tipi ( Polish Army Lavvu ) -


Fastfold Titanium ultralight by Winnerwell -

Nomad by Winnerwell -

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Bushbox XL -

sleeping gear

Wool blanket -

Exped down mat -

Carinthia Defence 4 sleeping bag -

Carinthia Tropen sleeping bag -

Bivi bag -

Red ground sheet - Found it by a lake, no brand on it


Sasta Pointer Jacket -

Fjallraven Anorak N8 -

Sasta wool pants -

Tru - Spec Xpedition pants -

Blundstone boots -

Muck boots Artic -

Hat - Akubra custom made


Frost River Isle Royale jr -


Knife -

Hook knife - homemade

crooked knife - homemade

Hatchet -

Silky big boy saw -

Opinel Saw -

Opinel pocket knife -

Auger drill bit -

Fire steel -

Flashlight -

UCO candle lantern -

Hurricane oil lamp -

Tenkara fly fishing rod -

Flies - homemade

Horse hair fishing line - homemade

Landing fishing net - homemade


Mini bush pot cooking kit ( self customized ) -

Folding fry pan -

Mini cast iron skillet -

Water filtration gravity filter -

Kettle - Eagle products 7dl

Wooden spoon - homemade

Wooden ladder - homemade

Wooden knife - homemade

Wooden fork - homemade

Wooden cup ( kuksa ) - homemade

Wooden cutting board - homemade


Mad River Canoe 14TT

Kokopelli Nirvana packraft

Biltema Dingy


Mazda B2500 from 2004