Wilderness Painting - Bushcraft - Adventure

Painting is one of the best ways I have found to express myself
and to explore the world within and around us.

Influenced by observations and thoughts as well as words of great people,
I create Inspirational Paintings...

Images that will enrich my life by provoking questions & self reflection,
in other words, Art that aims to elevate the Spirit,
Paintings that make me and hopefully others Think…

By using simple deserted landscapes
combined with dramatic skies to set a tone or mood,
the Artwork delivers a symbolic message...

A message that embodies and symbolizes
a particular human value, a feeling or Spirit;
to enhance, illuminate and to better understand...
What is Best or Worse in Them.

-       n        a        g        u        a        l        e        r        o         -

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Question & Answers

Q. How long does it take to download my lesson ?

A. My download tests took about 10 to 20 minutes. Your internet speed might be way faster or slower, it all depends on your connection, so just be patient and let it download as it comes. if you need support with the download process contact : and follow any instructions they give you, if they can't fix your problem just ask me for a refund. No worries.


Q. How do I pay for my lessons?

A. Please read the instructions above. You can pay via Paypal ormajor credit cards.



    Q. Do you have any tips on how to use the lesson?

    A. I would watch the whole thing first, then I would gather all the necessary listed materials and go for it! Pause the video as you paint, each couple of seconds if you have to. Observe how the brushstrokes where applied then emulate them in your canvas. same with color mixing. If you mess up, keep trying again and again. That's what it takes... Perseverance.


    Q. Do you sell lessons on DVD's ?

    A. Not for now. Maybe in the future, but I have a feeling DVDs will become irrelevant and outdated soon, if not already.


    Q. Can I sell the painting I make from the lesson?

    A. Sure. But it would be kind, if you name the source of inspiration for your work. I do suggest that you come up with your own style, compositions and ideas as an artist before you try to sell anything. The point of these lessons is to instruct you on techniques, and inspire you to grow as an artist. Not to supply you with a way to copy work for selling.

    Developed styles are easy to "spot" so you wanna work on developing yours if you are serious about selling your work. It's more fun too! Nobody wants to be "Pepsi", we all wanna be "Coke" ;-)


    Q. How can I develop my own painting style?

    A. Your own style will come with time, a huge amount of patience and a LOT of practice! Eventually your own "brushwork" will develop and come to life as will your choice of subject matter. It's very important to be patient and to let your work develop with time. Don't give up, stick to painting and you will have an amazing life adventure!


    Q. Why are your lessons created in small canvases ?

    A. Time and efficiency. Weather you are a beginner or already have some brush mileage, there is a lot of advantages when working in smaller sized canvases in order to learn techniques , and one of them is time. Time is a big obstacle in the lives of many people who have regular jobs and family responsibilities.

    The smaller format enables you to complete good paintings in a shorter time, and you will learn just as much from doing small works as larger ones, plus any possible mistakes will be cheaper, faster and easier to fix.

    Basically you will see progress on your work and that's a big motivator. As you grow and master painting techniques, your confidence and mojo to create will be boosted. Don't take my word for it, just watch a FREE sample lesson here or check out some lesson reviews bellow.


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