Wilderness Painting - Bushcraft - Adventure

Painting is one of the best ways I have found to express myself
and to explore the world within and around us.

Influenced by observations and thoughts as well as words of great people,
I create Inspirational Paintings...

Images that will enrich my life by provoking questions & self reflection,
in other words, Art that aims to elevate the Spirit,
Paintings that make me and hopefully others Think…

By using simple deserted landscapes
combined with dramatic skies to set a tone or mood,
the Artwork delivers a symbolic message...

A message that embodies and symbolizes
a particular human value, a feeling or Spirit;
to enhance, illuminate and to better understand...
What is Best or Worse in Them.

-       n        a        g        u        a        l        e        r        o         -


I am most active on my Youtube channel. I check and read all comments, and I answer all questions in English. If you want to ask a question on youtube but don’t speak english, please use google translate so i can understand your question. I do the same on my Instagram.


I only represent gear that I use daily. I am not interested in the latest gadget or gear ( that i wont use ) for the sake of a paid review.

Emails where you tell me “I have a great product for your audience” will be deleted, so please don’t bother contacting me to review your stuff. Thanks for your interest but this is not the channel for that. I cherry pick what i use and represent.

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